Frequently Asked Questions |


What kind of files do you accept?

Is it vector art? Send us your .PDF, .AI, and .EPS files.

Is it an image? Make sure it's 300dpi at fulll size and then send us your .JPG and .PNG files.

Remember: create your art in CMYK color mode, which is intended for printing. RGB color mode is intended for use on websites and screens/backlit displays.

Always convert your fonts to outlines to avoid display errors.


Where Do I Upload My Artwork?

If you're ordering Die Cut Stickers, Holographic StickersKiss Cut Stickers, Sticker Sheets, Clear Stickers or Banners upload your artwork at after completing the checkout process.

For all other products, artwork is uploaded when you submit a Quote Request.


Are Your Stickers Weather Proof?

"Crafted to survive the Pacific Northwest and beyond." 

We only use high-quality vinyl on all of our stickers, unless otherwise indicated. Die Cut Stickers are finished with a protective Laminate. Transfer Stickers are manufactured to be outdoor-rated when applied to a clean surface in mild temperatures. Screen Print Stickers utilize UV inks and require no laminate, but the option is available.

Our stickers have been battle-tested daily on snowboards, surfboards, water bottles, cars, snowmobiles, helicopters, boats and more.


How Long Is Production Time?

Online Orders of Die Cut Stickers, Kiss Cut Stickers, Holographic StickersClear Stickers, and Sticker Sheets ship in 4 Business Days following Proof approval. if the Order quantity is at-or-less than 2,500pcs. and when the size of the sticker(s) is at-or-less than 12 total square inches.

All other Orders may take up to 7-10 Business Days to complete & ship. Please reach out to your Sticker Advisor for details on production time, ship dates, and tracking info. Your project does not start the production process until your Proof is approved. 

Rush Orders and Expedited Shipping are available. Additional fees apply. Please plan accordingly if you have an event or crucial deadline and communicate it to us right away so our team at can assist.


Can you Color Match?

For best results, we always recommend that you setup your file in CMYK color mode OR choose solid coated Pantone Colors (PMS) ahead of time to make to get your ideal result. In turn, our staff will do their diligence to match accurately wherever applicable.

Digital Printing and Screen Printing are not always 100% accurate. Matching your screen's colors and custom ink mixes can depend on several factors, but we strive to limit any color variation to 10% or less.

Contact us before ordering regarding Fluorescent/Neon colors, Transparent ink, and other color-related questions.


What does 'Insanely Custom' mean?

We offer an absurd amount of options and possibilities when it comes to making custom vinyl stickers. Some of our products can be quickly ordered entirely from our site — Die Cut Stickers, Holographic StickersKiss Cut Stickers, Sticker Sheets, Event Banners — but others require more information and exploration with one of our team members.

If your project is ready to break the mold, share your projects ideas with us on the Insanely Custom page and let our team assist you.


How Do I Indicate a Cutline?

Use our templates HERE to setup and preview stickers in different shapes and formats. If you want us to create a custom cutline for you, upload your file when you order online or email your file and we'll take care of the rest.

When adding a cutline to most stickers, always make sure to leave a separation of 1/8" (.125) between your artwork and cutline to create a Cut Margin. A Cut Margin helps minimize shifting during the cutting process, resulting in better looking stickers for you and less waste for us.

For Kiss Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets, we allow a Cut Margin of 1/16" (.0625").


Can I Get Samples?

Definitely! Grab a Sample Pack to test drive some of our most popular sticker styles.

To order production samples of your artwork, contact our team through the Insanely Custom Quote Request Form. 


What's a Split-Back?

To ensure that our custom Die Cut Stickers and Clear Stickers can be applied quickly without any fuss, we decided to Split-Back them for an easy-peel every time.

A Split-Back is exactly what it sounds like; the sticker liner is delicately cut so that when you flex your sticker the liner easily opens up, giving you a section to peel and start applying.

These cuts are sometimes centered depending on how the printed batches are oriented, but you may also see them off center or tilted at various angles (this does not affect peel performance or stickability).


Semi-Gloss or Matte Laminate?

Laminate ensures that your custom vinyl stickers will survive rain, snow, UV fading, and light scratching for up to 4 years. We offer to two styles of Laminate, each with their own unique aesthetic.

Semi-Gloss: shiny as heck (like a new car) to show off the richness of our full-color prints.

Matte: Soft and muted to minimize glare.

Need to see them in person to be convinced? Grab a Sample Pack.


What Do You Mean By Custom Artwork? is a custom sticker manufacturer however we will not reproduce logos, artwork, or images that are subject to copyright without the expressed consent of the owner. Ex: Nike logo stickers will not be produced for anyone other than Nike, Inc.

Furtthermore, we reserve the right to refuse production on graphics we deem to be obscene, derogatory, abusive, offensive, or libelous/defamatory in the eyes of the law.


How long do you keep order samples?

When you place a reorder for a sticker, we use hard copy samples from our archives to make sure you receive exactly what was ordered previously.

Unfortunately, over time several factors can affect the accuracy of matching to these samples, including Printer Calibration. In the interest of freshness and accuracy, we only keep order samples on hand for 18 months. If you place a reorder outside of that time frame, we ask that you provide your own sample for reference.


Reseller or Non-Profit Discounts

If you have a valid Reseller's Permit or 501c3 Tax ID, connect with our Account Rep team for the appropriate Sales Tax adjustment. State Sales Tax cannot be removed from Online Orders after being submitted, so please contact us prior to placing your order.


Can I Get A Refund or Return My Stickers?

The standard rule when it comes to custom made items is that all sales are final. However, our guarantee is to do everything possible to deliver the best quality sticker for the most competitive price. If you have a complaint regarding your custom stickers, please contact us within 2 business days of receiving your order so we can find the appropriate resolution.