Pantone Matching Explained |

Pantone Matching Explained

What are Pantone Colors?

The Pantone Matching System is a standardized system of colors used for reproduction. By developing a library for designers and printers worldwide, consistency and matching in printed materials can be achieved. This is especially important in visual branding and multiple runs of similar colors or designs.

How Do they Apply to Stickers?

Both our Screen-Printing and Digital Printing Processes use CMYK inks, which means various combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are used to create colors. Screen-printing is extremely accurate but Digital Printing can offer noticeable variation in color. Additionally, when it comes to Digital Artwork what you see on screen isn't what you always get. Factor in the fact that printing on vinyl offers some slight changes from printing on paper stock and you've got some muddy waters to navigate.

What You Can Do

Calibrate Your Monitor:

If you don't want to use Pantone colors, try so colors are more accurately presented. While it will never be 100% accurate, a little work can help you achieve a stronger sense of what your stickers will look like.

Use the Right Set:

If you are interested in using PMS colors, use a to choose colors. This will present options that look similar to colors printed on vinyl.

Simplify Your Palette:

Relying mostly on black and white while incorporating a 3rd color can make for a stylish graphic. This also eliminates potential room for error with complex colorways.

Request Production Samples:

If you're an illustrator with a colorful, detailed style so you can see what the final form of your sticker will be prior to ordering.


Color Matching is rarely 100% accurate but PMS colors help you come close and stay consistent. For more info on file setup, read our FAQs. If you're ready to order, get started in the Shop.