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How to Remove Stickers from Any Surface

Here at Die Cut Stickers, we firmly believe that stickers are one of humanity’s top inventions. And, if we’re being honest, part of the appeal is that they don’t have to stick around any longer than you want them to. (See what we did there?) People change, and stickers can change, too—if you know how to remove them correctly. 

How to Make Holographic Stickers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Holographic stickers alwasy look incredible, don't they?

They’re a great way to elevate your sticker design by having a kaleidoscope of colors that change depending on the lighting. Whether it’s to show off personal art or take a small business to the next level, Holographic Stickers are magic every time. 

But how do you make them?

Die Cut Stickers vs. Kiss Cut Stickers: What’s The Difference?

While stickers may seem simple, choosing the perfect sticker design is important, especially for businesses. Stickers are an opportunity to market your business, as well as promote your image. During the ordering process, you will likely come across lots of options, and you might need to know the difference between kiss-cut vs. die-cut stickers.