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5,000 - Digital die-cut stickers at 1 x 4"

Tupalo.com is doing tremendous work worldwide making sure that interactive location services are pushed into new and exciting areas. DCS is excited to participate and help spread the word by producing 5,000 digital die-cut stickers. We know that these stickers are going to travel far and wide to be stuck in place we can't even imagine. We look forward to working together again in the future and experiencing Tupalo first hand!

Tupalo | About Us

Tupalo.com is a bunch of girls and guys working out of beautiful Vienna. Some of us are nerds, some are not, some drink soy milk, some prefer meat, yet we all use Macs and we’re pursuing the goal of providing the most beautiful and best experience when it comes to discovering your local neighbourhood.

Founded in 2007 by Clemens and Mike, Tupalo has since grown into a profitable European startup that attracts millions of people around the world. Currently you can discover all kinds of businesses (we like to call them “spots”) in Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Finland and the USA. Soon there will be more, so be sure to keep checking out our blog to find out if your country is next.

We really think that, aside from having a great product, it’s all about you guys and girls out there. Having a community of thousands of people that discover, review and share their favourite spots is what makes us wake up every morning: building a community of locals that share their favourites and let others where and where not to go.