Sticker Removal Essentials |

Sticker Removal Essentials

This may sound crazy, but one day you might have the urge to remove one of your stickers.

Maybe it's a band that doesn't get your blood pumping anymore, or a shoe company that shut down after blowing their profits in Vegas but, whatever the case, you're going to need some tools to peel that vinyl off. Check out our basic Sticker Removal Kit to make the process as easy as possible!

1. Mini Scraper:

This is the plastic cousin of the razor blade. To peel up a sticker, this is the best weapon in your arsenal. Tight corners, curved surfaces, and small detail pieces will all come up easily when you run the Scraper under the vinyl.

2. Goo Gone (or goo remover equivalent):

There WILL be a tiny amount of adhesive left behind. Don't panic. Industrial chemists have found a way to clear that up! Grab some Goo Gone or similar product from any store and watch the adhesive melt away!

3. Lint Free Cloth:

Once that goo is gone, get your surface cleaned up with a Lint Free Cloth. More than likely you're dealing with a car or glass surface. Cloths of this type will do a great job of removing debris, dirt particles, and definitely LINT.

4. A New Sticker:

You're not going to leave that space empty are you? Now that you've removed your sticker it's time to replace it with a new one. Grab a fresh die-cut and lay it down.

5. Don't Forget A Squeegee:

Lay your new sticker down. If you don't already have that mastered, see our guide

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