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60 - Combined digital die-cut stickers at 3" and 4"
60 - Combined digital die-cut stickers at 4" and 6"
Special thanks to Spyder for their collaborative work with Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Their continuing charity work benefiting education is a credit to their compassion and commitment to future generations. 

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation | About 

Our mission is to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in combat or training. We bridge the gap between existing sources of grants and scholarships and the total cost of college. 

"They were volunteers and selfless patriots. They gave their lives for our country. And we, who they have kept free, are left as the caretakers of their children. It is our duty and our honor to give these children the successful future of which their mothers and fathers dreamed. A college education is the key to that bright future."