Snowdays Foundation | A Snow Day, Every Day |

Snowdays Foundation | A Snow Day, Every Day

"Snowdays Foundation is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to youth empowerment through snowboarding."

HUH!?! This is amazing.

Snowboarding is a physically demanding sport that requires coordination, agility, endurance, critical thinking, and levels of discretion. This a perfect grouping of the life-skills necessary for young people to grow and evolve at a critical time in their adolescence. Meeting great people and hanging out on the hill all day doesn't hurt either.

Get more info about Snowdays by visiting When you see the joy inspired in the kids by a day in the snow, you'll want to get involved.

We're stoked our digitally printed die-cut stickers could lend a small helping hand and they should look great on the kids' snowboards for at least 3-5 years.