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What's New | Snapcode Stickers

If you're familiar with Snapchat, you already know that scanning someone's unique Snapcode with your mobile device's camera or from a screenshot will automatically follow them for you.

Did you know we can print scannable stickers of your code? It's actually super-easy. Our pal Mike Smith is currently using them to help point the thousands of high school students he meets on a weekly basis to his Snapchat. The idea is catching some serious momentum with many of our other customers looking to drive traffic to their social media accounts.

Read on for info on how to get your own Snapcode Stickers!


How to Get Your Snapcode Stickers:

1. Screenshot Your Snapcode.

2. Add branding/tweak the design or leave it unaltered, just don't mess with the dots.

3. Place your sticker order online or email us with your image.

4. Start sending out stickers!

ALSO: Don't forget about Back-Printing. Add more Social info, your website url, a nugget of wisdom, or a map to your secret lair. If you have additional questions, contact us ASAP!