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OkCupid Labs | The Science of Love

"The OkCupid Labs team is a collection of intellectually curious engineers, math geeks, designers and acrobats. Yes, acrobats. No, we're not sure how that happened, either. We're here to push the edge of innovation in the art and science of bringing people together, working on new product prototypes and data systems to help people in their search for connections both on and offline."

Acro-what!?! This astonishing team of professionals is in charge of coupling millions of users who are searching for a romantic void in their lives. Obviously the collective IQ and physical abilities more than qualify this team for such an ominous task.

If you haven't already, give OkCupid a whirl. After all, it's free. What do you have to lose? The massive algorithms will shake things up and toss an array of fascinating candidates your way. When you're finished with this massive human candy machine, simply pick the person of your dreams (or delete your profile forever).

The Official DCS stance on Internet Dating is...we're stoked that the all-star team at OkCupid Labs decided to snag some stickers. Officially.