Matte Or Semi-Gloss: Sticker Laminates Explained |

Matte Or Semi-Gloss: Sticker Laminates Explained

Custom Die Cut Stickers are great exhibition of unique artwork and custom shapes. We protect those designs using a heavy-duty Laminate that comes in two styles: Matte and Semi-Gloss.

Matte Laminate

This Laminate will make your colors soft and muted with less contrast and almost zero glare.

Semi-Gloss Laminate

This Laminate employs a luster effect to create a mild sheen. Highlights rich, deep colors but tends to attract glare. Both Laminates feature Abrasion-protection, UV-protection, and Water-resistance at no extra cost. Now that you know the differences, it's time to start experimenting with your projects. Request now and get inspired. *Apologies to for the upside down sticker placement. It's the thought that counts, right?