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>Joel Hunter, Designer & Illustrator


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100 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 2.8" x 4.25"

Joel Hunter's pierced and gauged woolly mammoth design is awesome, pure and simple. Most folks forget that prehistoric creatures like this tend to be the boldest, burliest, most impressive living things to stare in the face. Joel's inspired choice is likely to get him noticed by terrified cavemen and eager new clients alike. If DCS could use some kind of prehistoric animal for a logo, we definitely would. For now, we're committed to the Sticker Monster but who knows what the future holds...

Keep your eyes peeled for big things from Joel in 2012, probably a Sabertooth Tiger...

Joel Hunter | Who I Am

A recent Graphic Design graduate from the Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg. I specialize in illustration and identity work, and am always trying to push the limits of my creativity. Growing up in a small town in central Illinois, I graduated with a class just shy of 70 students. It didn’t take long before I knew I wanted more, and refused to let myself get stuck in a small town as I had seen so many family and friends do. I was taught at an early age if you want something then you have to work for it, and regardless of the work you have to do to get there, you should always take pride in what you do, and do that job well. When it comes to design I am passionate, dedicated, and always eager to learn more.