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>DCS Record Setting | Pizza Rampage


No slice is safe from the DCS Team.
The threat level is a Code Red. 
More deliciousness. *not pictured: vegan options.
Set records: get money.

At DCS we rarely use the phrase "Work hard, play hard." We actually prefer to "Live free or die-cut."

In any case, since our massive expansion this year and move into a larger sticker compound we've seen an insane increase in volume. This particular week in February of 2012 has seen the highest output of stickers coupled with some of the most complex jobs in our storied history.

The resulting chaos definitely pushed us to our limits. Everyone's physical conditioning was tested, emotions were running high, and deadlines didn't budge. The stickers piled up and in spite of some serious mental fatigue, we managed to come out on top and nail a record setting sticker volume. Hard work and all that perseverance junk paid us in actual money courtesy of our happy clients.

How do you celebrate such an accomplishment? How do you reward sacrifice and the will to see your life's work through to the finish?


So today DCS took a little time to enjoy the fruits of their labor and stuff themselves silly with cheese, dough, and whatever else we could cram on a pizza. Stickering is far more serious of a business than most would think and taking time to retain our sense of humor and lighten everyone's spirits is a key component of keeping articulated production on point. Using food and carbonated beverages seems to work pretty well. The point is, we're stronger when we come out on the other side of our hardships.

You won't believe what we're going to do next.