The Importance of Cut Margins |

The Importance of Cut Margins

Safety First

Cut Margins are that small, yet critical area that separates great custom Die Cut Stickers from useless trash.

Whether you're cutting on a plotter or punching out with a metal die, a small but tolerable amount of shifting is almost guaranteed to occur on the sheet or the roll. So, how do we mitigate this effect and make sure your stickers don't come out looking crooked and mis-cut?

This is where Cut Margins come in to save the day. By adding a 1/8 inch margin between the graphic and the cut-line, any shifting up to 1/32 inch will become virtually invisible to the naked eye. If a Cut Margin is sized any smaller than 1/8 inch (.125"), we can almost guarantee shifting will be visible.

Ways To Minimize Shifting

1. Setup your own Cutline and make sure there's a 1/8 inch (.125") margin between the artwork and graphic.

2. Let us set your Cutline appropriately and approve it via proof.

Check out our FAQs for more answers to critical art setup questions.