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What Can I Put Stickers On? - Surfaces You Should & Shouldn’t Put Stickers On

Stickers are awesome! They’re a fun way to express yourself and make the world a colorful place, but they can’t go everywhere. Stickers don’t stick on all surfaces and can even damage other surfaces. 

Just be smart about your sticker placement, and you’ll be fine! Here are the worst and best places to put stickers:

5 Surfaces You Should Never Put Stickers On

If you think stickers always stick, and that's just the way it is, think again.

Situations arise where you, the user, must exercise extreme caution to ensure your sticker doesn't become another casualty of inappropriate placement. Take a look at the Top 5 no-nos of sticker placement:

1. Porous Surfaces

Stucco and similarly textured surfaces are not your friends. Nearly all high-quality vinyl stickers utilize a pressure-sensitive adhesive. This means that if you can't get a smooth, even connection between sticker and surface, that sticker will fall off.

2. Fabric

Clothing was made for printing. Inks, dyes, and heat transfers can jazz up any article of clothing. Stickers, however, might stick for 20 minutes or so on your favorite t-shirt, but any movement, flex, and moisture will likely make your sticker fall off and blow away in the wind.

3. Cardboard

At first glance, cardboard might seem like an okay idea. It's smooth, flat, and stiff. Unfortunately, the natural fibers and texture of cardboard and environmental factors like dust can play havoc with your stickers and cause premature separation. Instead, go for a mega-adhesive label.

4. Extreme Curves

Complex, heavy curves will immediately reject your sticker at every turn. Curves create tension, and tension causes stickers to stretch and pull right off their new home. Instead, go for mellow curves with lots of transition—like on a helmet. Steer clear of stickering bowling balls, cannon balls, and other similar surfaces.

5. Human Skin

Skin is a major danger zone. Oil, hair, pores, and the constant shedding of skin layers make the human body completely uninhabitable for stickers. Save your sanity and stick to temporary tattoos for body parts.


This is not a definitive list and is based merely on our experience and hastily-researched urban legends.

Now that you know the basics, head out in the wild unknown and use your stickers to test exciting new surfaces. We'll be here waiting to see your results!

What Surfaces Can You Put Stickers On?

Now we’re getting to the fun part. Let us give you some inspiration on where to put stickers. If you are wondering what to put stickers on, we’ve got you covered! 

Get excited because all of the surfaces below are perfect for stickers. Think of it like a match made in sticker-surface heaven.


1. Books & Journals

Books and journals are perfect to put stickers on. A journal is, after all, a place where you write personal thoughts, daydreams, and doodles. Why shouldn’t it be personalized with stickers to reflect its author better? 

Stickers are a great way to differentiate your books and journals when you have the same ones as everyone else (think school notebooks). 


Do Vinyl Stickers Stick to Leather? 

If you have a leather journal, you might be wondering if your vinyl stickers will stick or if they will just peel off. Lucky for you, vinyl stickers do in fact, stick to leather. 

Vinyl stickers have a strong adhesive that will keep them in place. However, removing vinyl stickers without damaging the leather can be difficult, so make sure you’ve got your sticker in the right place before you stick it. 

2. Glass

Yep! Vinyl die cut stickers are great on glass. We love the look of stickers on mugs. It’s such a cute way to dress them up. Windows, mirrors, and other smooth glass surfaces are great for stickers. 

We have fantastic Transfer stickers for car windows and other unique surfaces to help you apply your stickers flawlessly. 

3. Letters & Paper

Paper is an obvious surface for stickers, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Place stickers on your journal or notebook pages to add a little personality to your entries. Put stickers on the outside of envelopes to get your recipient excited about your letter, or put stickers on letters or cards for a more personal touch. 

4. Water Bottles

Water bottles are a classic answer to the question, “what can I put stickers on?” You’ve probably seen friends sticking vinyl stickers to their Hydro Flasks. Don’t hesitate to join in the fun! Get our super-strong and dishwasher-safe Hydro Flask stickers to start decorating your water bottle your way. 

5. Plastic

With plastic, the opportunities are endless for stickers. Laptops, phone cases, binders, light switches, the bottom of your skateboard, remotes, and plant pots are just a few ideas to get you started. 

So, What CAN I Put Stickers On?

You can put stickers on lots of things! Regarding what to put stickers on, there are so many surfaces to choose from. Yes, there are a few surfaces you should avoid, but don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself creatively. 

Now that you know what you should and should not put stickers on, get some sweet stickers from Diecutstickers.com today!