National Sticker Day 2021 |

National Sticker Day 2021

National Sticker Day 2021

A Mysterious Origin

We all know what a sticker is but not everyone knows the secret origin of how they came to be. While Wikipedia and other internet sites will regurgitate the the tired trope of the Avery Label family tinkering scientifically to solve a common problem, we've been fortunate enough to become privy to the far less romantic reality of the situation.

The year was 1803. Mild-mannered accountant Franklin J. Adhesive went about his daily routine as usual working for a mid-west mining company. After a chance encounter with a radioactive glue fly exposed to a nearby uranium desposit, Franklin gained the oddly specific ability to secrete a natural adhesive that he quickly fumbled by gluing his hands to the sides of his head.

Below is an artist's rendering of the event.

Adhesive Inventor Losing His Mind

Following that catastrophe, he took to labeling his various ledgers by adding adhesive to handwritten paper squares and his new power quickly became a monumental discovery. Sadly, power hungry corporations had already gotten wind of his abilities and swindled him out of the patent on labels and, as they would come to be known, stickers in their most primitive form. Now lost to the unrelenting passage of time, Franklin remains the unsung hero of our industry and an American legend. 

Why We Celebrate

In 2015, a giant of the sticker industry had National Sticker Day officially added to the calendar on January 13th. Regardless of who started it, the magic of National Sticker Day Courses through our veins and lives in the fiber of our being. We celebrate because our days are joyfully filled with printing, cutting, counting, stacking, shipping, and sticking. National Sticker Day is the one day of the year where our skills become otherworldly and our team can achieve feats long thought impossible. It's also a day we tip our hat to the legendary Franklin and thank him for all that he did.

Get In On The Action

The best part of National Sticker Day is getting to share it with all of you. That's why we'll be hanging out on social media ALL DAY giving away free Sample Packs and 10 free orders (maybe more) of our insanely custom stickers. To get in on the action follow us, leave a comment, and share your favorite sticker content. 




Happy National Sticker Day from the DCS crew!