Kiss Cut vs. Die Cut Stickers: What's The Difference?

Kiss-Cut vs. Die-Cut Stickers: What's the Difference?

die cut versus kiss cut: what's the difference

Stickers are a popular way to have fun while getting your message across. They’re an excellent opportunity to market your business and promote your image. But, just like the rest of your business branding, choosing the perfect sticker design is essential. 

You’ll encounter many options for the perfect finished product during the ordering process. Die Cut Stickers has your back. We’ll walk you through important options and answer all your questions so you can get precisely the right results. Let’s talk about deciding between kiss-cut vs. die-cut stickers.     

What Is a Kiss-Cut Sticker?

A kiss-cut sticker has a traditional square or rectangular-shaped liner slightly larger than the actual sticker’s art design. You can craft kiss-cut stickers in any shape or custom cut, but the manufacturing cut only affects the vinyl sticker. The back liner will remain in its original square or rectangular shape.

The oversized liner offers additional design options. It provides extra real estate for design elements that you don’t necessarily want to include in the actual sticker artwork.

Utilize the extra space for: 

         -A website URL
         -A QR code
         -Additional logo imprints
         -Sales and marketing design elements
         -Company contact information
         -Other pertinent information

If you intend to sell your stickers in stores, consider a retailer’s perspective. You can use our kiss-cut stickers to add architectural features like J-hook, round, or triangular-shaped hang-tag holes, making kiss-cut stickers easy to display and merchandise in sales racks and kiosks.

Lastly, the added face-stock real estate can act as a protective barrier. It allows more intricate and delicate stickers to hold their shape without the sticker’s edges and elements being bent, ripped, or torn off during transit, storage, and merchandising.

custom kiss cut sticker    custom kiss cut sticker

What is a Die Cut Sticker?

A die-cut sticker features a custom contour-cut liner aligned within a 1/8” border around the actual shape of the sticker’s artwork. This means that you won’t have a blocky sheet around your design. You will have a fully customized product that shares the exact boundary and shape of your sticker’s artwork. The die-cut sticker is also a very popular sticker style within our customer community.

We create a die-cut sticker by cutting through both the vinyl sticker and its paper liner, unlike a traditional or kiss-cut sticker that only cuts through the vinyl sticker side. These stickers are available for nearly all geometric or custom shapes and can accommodate any design style.

custom die cut stickers    

How Are the Stickers Similar?

Though the liner shapes will differ, the stickers’ material ingredients and durable nature will be exactly the same. The Die Cut Stickers team passionately makes all its stickers with the utmost care & quality. 

You can depend on every kiss-cut and die-cut sticker for the same excellent results:

         -Easy-peel paper liners
         -Limitless custom sticker shapes
         -Full-color printing options (CMYK)
         -Your choice of a semi-gloss or a matte finish
         -UV-inhibited over-laminate for durability
         -A 4-year outdoor durability rating

Typically, kiss-cut stickers are known for being significantly easier to peel off the liner. Don’t worry, though— levels the playing field by including a split-back liner on all our die-cut stickers. Either sticker style will be refreshingly easy to work with.

Not sure what you want or how to make it work? Contact us! We’re happy to help.


How Are the Stickers Different?

While each sticker style is similar in material composition and durability, some key feature differences exist in the potential functions provided between the kiss-cut vs. die-cut sticker styles. 

After 20 years of crafting custom stickers, we’re not convinced there’s a “preferred or better” sticker style when comparing these two. Both types are very high quality and appealing in their own way. However, some of the stickers’ features provide a utility that may better fit your needs than the other, like cost versus functionality.

Since the actual sticker art on either sticker style will have identical shapes, it comes down to three differences:

         -Cost per unit
         -Kiss-cut benefits of extra sticker-face real estate
         -Liner aesthetics

You’ll need to consider the goal and specific uses of your chosen sticker as well as the parameters of your target audience.

Kiss-cut stickers carry a higher price tag because of the additional printing area around the sticker shape. However, the extra face-stock real estate on each sticker certainly has advantages. In the end, it can be worth the added expense.

How Does Ordering Work?

Time is money in business, so has made ordering your stickers as quick and easy as possible. The hardest part is deciding on your design and preferences.

If you need some guidance placing your order, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Create an account or log in if you’re an existing customer.

  2. Find and select the sticker cut you want on our “Shop” page

  3. Next, choose your shape, size, and quantity as prompted.

  4. Choose between two different laminate options: matte or semi-gloss.

  5. For die-cut stickers, indicate if you want a corner radius or not.

  6. Choose the correct sticker template.

  7. Add to your cart and complete the checkout process.

  8. After finalizing your order, we'll prompt you to upload your artwork.

  9. Finally, our team will email you a proof for approval.

After your approval, we’ll begin printing and completing your order. Free ground shipping and free setup are always available for both die-cut and kiss-cut stickers. All orders ship within four business days after you’ve approved the proof.

What's the Next Step

Now, you wait for your awesome stickers to come to you!

If you haven’t already, start planning how to use your new stickers to promote your business and gain more clients or customers.

Ready, Set, Create!

The options are endless, so let your creativity flow and see what we can create together. Contact us at today and order your custom kiss-cut or die-cut stickers!