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Jigsaw Puzzle Launch | The Great PNW

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles Are Here

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles are now available to order from Diecutstickers.com!

When it came to launching Custom Puzzles, we knew that no time was like the present and we can't wait for dining room tables everywhere to be covered in these unique creations. In fact, with our endless full-color capabilities you can submit family photos, pet portraits, landscape images, or designs.

To make the launch really special, we teamed up with local legends The Great PNW for our first ever puzzle collaboration. The Great PNW has been part of the DCS family of clients for nearly a decade and an apparel staple in the pacific northwest region that we call home.

Here's what owner and creative director Joel Barbour had to say when we proposed the collab:

“We are super excited to be able to collaborate on a product with DCS. We have worked with them since day one of The Great PNW so do be able to come together design this puzzle has been a super fun project. We are excited to sees how our customers enjoy it, it’s like no product we have ever offered before!”

Head over to the Great PNW now to grab your own Survey Puzzle featuring a limited-edition graphic. If you're ready to create your own, grab your artwork or image and visit the Custom Jigsaw Puzzle page to get started.