How to Easily Get Sticker Residue Off Hydro Flasks |

How to Get Sticker Residue Off Hydro Flasks

how to get sticker residue off hydro flasks

Covering water bottles or Hydro Flasks with stickers shows off your interests, personality, music taste, and much more. As you grow and change, you will also want to switch up your stickers. After removing them, how can you get the sticker residue off your Hydro Flasks without damaging the flask itself?

Cheap stickers leave a mess behind. The best way to remove stickers easily without hassle or damage is to get high-quality stickers from the beginning. They’re easier and safer to remove. However, no matter the sticker, we can help you learn how to get sticker residue off water bottles and hydro flasks. If removing other stickers leaves some residue, you have a few solutions. Use warm water and soap, rubbing alcohol with a warm hair dryer, or Goo Gone. 


1. Soap and Water 

Fill a small bowl with two cups of warm water. Add one tablespoon of liquid soap. If you’d like to soak your flask for a few minutes, increase the size of the bowl and the amount of water and soap. This might help to loosen the glue that holds that sticker in place. 

Don’t add too much soap, though. It’ll make the whole process more slippery and won’t allow you to get at the adhesive effectively. Most of the time, after a good soak, scrubbing away at the residue will get the job done. 


2. Use Isopropyl Alcohol on the Residue

Once you’ve peeled off the sticker and are stuck with some residue, another solution is to grab an isopropyl alcohol wipe and gently rub it away. If you don’t have any wipes, dab some rubbing alcohol on cotton balls or swabs instead. This process should only take a few minutes before your Hydro Flask is as good as new. 


3. Heat Up the Sticker with a Hair Dryer

Most of the sticker should be gone before trying this method because hot air will melt the actual sticker and make removing residue even more difficult. Plug in the hair dryer and turn it on low, but make sure warm air is coming out before you begin. Wave it back and forth over the residue. After about 30 seconds, try peeling off the adhesive. 

Apply more heat, then remove some more residue. Repeat this process until the sticker adhesive is completely removed. 


4. Use Goo Gone to Remove Sticker Residue

Goo Gone is a reliable product that removes residue while keeping your flask and water bottle looking great. Here’s how to use it effectively. 

  1. Apply Goo Gone over any remaining residue—really cover it. 

  2. Let it sit for about a minute. 

  3. Scrub the area in little circles. 

  4. Wash the flask or water bottle in warm soapy water or running water to thoroughly clean. 


5. Use High-Quality Stickers

Removing Hydro Flask stickers is so much easier when you use high-quality stickers in the first place. Cheap stickers leave residue, while higher-quality stickers are going to be so much easier to remove cleanly.

So if you’re looking for new high-quality Hydro Flask stickers to redecorate your hydro flask, check out our page for ordering custom Hydro Flask Stickers.