The 37 Coolest Anime Stickers of All Time |

The 37 Coolest Anime Stickers of All Time

37 Coolest Anime Stickers of All Time

Looking for the perfect anime sticker to put on your laptop, water bottle, or car? Ditch the dragon radar, because we scoured the far corners of the universe to compile a list of the greatest anime stickers from some of the greatest shows ever made. Simply find your favorite show or movie below and choose the sticker you like the most.


  1. Akira Neo Explosion: This minimalistic sticker features everyone’s favorite member of the Capsules juxtaposed next to the destruction of Neo Tokyo. With its elegant design, you’re sure to draw compliments from fans and non-fans alike.


  1. Berserk Skull: Slap this sticker of the self-proclaimed “foe of the inhumans” on your car window, a visage that’s sure to excite fans behind you at a red light.


  1. Histugaya Tōshirō: Good for laptops and water bottles alike, this sticker sports Histugaya Tōshirō and his ice-typed Zanpakutō Spirit Hyōrinmaru ready for battle.

Cowboy Bebop

  1. See You Space Cowboy: Our favorite way to say goodbye next to Jet, Spike, and Faye.

  2. Ein: A simple portrait of this super-intelligent corgi can be a wonderful and constant reminder of this famed pooch.

  3. Spike Spiegel: This silhouette of your favorite space bounty hunter will give any of your items an endearing appeal.

Spike spiegel

Darling in the FranXX

  1. Zero Two Peeking Sticker: This anime peeking sticker is great for the back windows in your car. It may make some people do a double-take when they see Zero Two out of the corner of their eye.

Death Note

  1. Ryuk Apple Sticker: Get a sticker with the death god and his favorite fruit of the human world.

  2. Ryuk Moon Sticker: Or, if you want a sticker that better fits the mood of the show, this sticker features a silhouette of Ryuk in front of an ominous purple moon.

Death Note

Demon Slayer

  1. Inosuke and Nezuko: If you like the cuter side of Demon Slayer’s art style, this chibi-inspired sticker of Inosuke and Nezuko paints a picture of the characters tender spirits.

Dragon Ball Z

  1. Stay-at-Home Fighters: What’s better than a sticker of one of anime’s strongest protagonists unwinding with a game of Street Fighter 2?

  2. Kamewave Chill: This sticker of Kame’s island home gives relaxing, lo-fi vibes.

Kame House

Fairy Tail

  1. Fairy Tail Car Decal: Show off the emblem of the Fairy Tail Guild on your car window, while also showing off some of the show’s greatest mages.


  1. Lord Canti Ukine: An icon of the “TV-Boy,” this Canti-inspired sticker is loud, eye-catching, and worth buying.

Full Metal Alchemist

  1. Transmutation Circle: What may be a deep-cut to some can be instantly recognizable to Full Metal Alchemist fans everywhere (for better or worse).

Ghost In The Shell

  1. Motoko Kusanagi Car Decal: This car decal of Motoko in action will stand up to the test of time and any dirt and grime it has to endure.


  1. Inuyasha Moon Sticker: This sticker of Inuyasha in front of a purple moon is both enticing and mysterious, which happens to be exactly how we’d describe this character.

Jujutsu Kaisen

  1. Holographic Gojo Sticker: This holographic anime sticker of Tokyo Jujutsu High’s most powerful teacher is the perfect thing to display on the back of your car.

Kill la Kill

  1. Ryuko VS Satsuki: This black and white Kill la Kill sticker features the series’ mortal enemies turned true sisters above some awesomely bolded Japanese lettering.

My Neighbor Totoro

  1. Floral Totoro Sticker: As a spirit of the forest, it’s only natural for Totoro to be filled with a love of colorful flora. This sticker illustrates that perfectly.

  2. Minimalist Totoro Sticker: If you want something a bit more simplistic and recognizable, this Totoro sticker features the titular character against a red sun.

My Hero Academia

  1. The Big Three: An excellent anime laptop sticker for Boku No Hero Academia fans, this showcases Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto in their battle-ready poses.


  1. Zabuza Sticker: A sticker that is just as fearsome as the Demon of the Hidden Mist, this Zabuza sticker brings a pop of color and excitement to any surface.

  2. Cute Kurama Sticker: This chibi-inspired Kurama sticker is surely the spitting image of what the Demox Fox looked like in his youth.

  3. Power of Ramen: While Kurama powers much of Naruto’s strength, this sticker pays tribute to his other source of fuel: Ichiraku Ramen.

naruto ramen

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  1. Eva 01 Sticker: This simple yet intricate sticker evokes the style and charm of the series it’s based on.

One Piece

  1. Straw Hat Crew Sticker: Show your allegiance to the Straw Hat Pirates by sticking their Jolly Roger onto your laptop.

  2. Roronora Zoro Sticker: Or, if you side with Roronoa Zoro, the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates, you can honor him with this sticker instead.

One Piece Sunset

One-Punch Man

  1. Saitama Sticker: Powerful enough to punch your reality, slap this sticker on the back of your Macbook to see Saitama’s fist glow.

Saitama One Punch man


  1. Snorlax Peeking Sticker: Another great anime car sticker, this Snorlax will wave to all your fellow motorists as you drive to your destination.

Princess Mononoke

  1. Princess Mononoke Watercolor Sticker: Splashes of different paint colors highlight Princess Mononoke and her wolf, Moro, on this awesome anime sticker.

  2. Mononoke Car Window Decal: A less traditional version of Princess Mononoke, this sticker gives a bit of a friendlier vibe to the warrior princess.

Ranma 1/2

  1. Ranma Pink: This sticker features the two sides of Ranma, alongside their animal counterparts Genma (Mr. Panda) and Ryoga.


Sailor Moon

  1. Moon Power Sticker: Sailor Moon, alongside her cat compatriots, fellow Sailors, and Tuxedo Mask, can quickly decorate your water bottle or laptop.

Sword Art Online

  1. Asada Shino Anime Car Sticker: This sticker of Asada Shino’s online alias, Sinon, is the perfect guard for the back windshield of your car.

Tokyo Ghoul

  1. Kaneki Ken Window/Bike Decal: The ghoulish state of Ken Kaneki is perfectly personified in this decal, which is perfect for sticking on your car or your bike.

  2. Tokyo Ghoul Harajuku: This sticker really showcases the duality of Ken’s human and ghoul states and would look great on any water bottle or guitar case you throw it on.

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