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Anatomy of A Die-cut | DCS Sticker School

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Have you ever wondered about all the different parts that make up a Standard Vinyl Die-cut Sticker? Check out the image above and browse the corresponding numbers to get a better understand of the key pieces.

1. Backing Paper - Vinyl comes ready to cut on these light sheets of waxed paper. When you're ready to stick your vinyl masterpiece on a surface, this portion is peeled off and recycled. Thanks for the memories.

2. Clear Application Masking - Now you're ready to set up your sticker in the sweet spot. This clear material adheres to the face of your art and allows you to lay it down on the surface of your choosing. Using a squeegee or credit card to slowly smooth the vinyl down is ideal; doing this prevents bubbles and gives the adhesive a strong, permanent bond. However, using your fingers should suffice. After your positioning is all set, peel SLOWLY from one corner to remove.

3. Vinyl - This is your visual communication tool. Whether it's a graphic, logotype, or simply a letter, the vinyl is plotter cut with precision into YOUR desired shape. Outdoor rated 3-5 years. Water resistant. UV protected.

4. Paper Masking - The occasionally-used cousin of Clear Masking. When large graphics need delicate handling or you're just looking for a softer, less sticky alternative for applying your sticker Paper Masking is the way to go.

5. The Human Element - No sticker is complete without someone to peel and apply it. The destiny of all stickers lies in the hands of the user. It's our job, responsibility and DUTY to see that vinyl stickers find a surface to call home. Will you answer the call?

There you have it: the simple anatomy of a Standard Vinyl Die-cut Sticker. Check out samples in our gallery HERE and continue the discussion further with us on Twitter using the hashtag #AskDCS.